Simply put, our services comprise:


  • Senior executive search
  • Mid-level hiring
  • Full team build-out


  • Organizational structure & role design
  • Talent management & retention
  • Recruitment best practices
  • Capacity building

We’re really good at:

  • Finding candidates that actually work. With a search firm, this should be a given. But we consistently meet or exceed our clients’ expectations with the tangible value we add. Our honed process results in positions that not only stay filled, but also in employees who bring more to the table than their employers had expected. Read more about our process.
  • Challenging the status quo.  We believe in being thoughtful and enthusiastic with every search. We’re not afraid to look at different ways of finding the right candidates or asking the tough questions: Who besides the obvious candidates could do this job? How could these roles be divided differently to benefit the company? How do you change the way you look for candidates?  We approach the task from all angles to ensure we provide you with the best possible solution.
  • Filling flex. Although most of our placements are full-time, permanent positions, On-Ramps also specializes in filling part-time, flex-time and telecommuting roles. We help our clients identify and structure positions to give them a competitive edge in hiring.
  • Cross pollinating. We often transition candidates from the private sector to the social sector (or vice versa), or from one industry to another. Many organizations have found that when this is done right, an “outsider” brings fresh thinking, best practices, and new energy to the workplace. Because our expertise bridges the gap between private and public, we know what to look for and who’s going to be the perfect fit.
  • Leveraging social media. The On-Ramps network is vast and stretches across many industries. We know how to use social media to keep this network thriving and informed. Often the most innovative candidates are active social media users and accessed fastest through this channel.


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