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MA - Boston metropolitan area
About the Organization

Founded in 2006, the One8 Foundation's mission is to accelerate and bolster the success of nonprofit organizations with the highest potential to achieve breakthrough results in the foundation's issue areas. The One8 Foundation does this by pursuing a venture philanthropy approach – identifying highly promising grantees to support with meaningful funding and deep strategic engagement. The foundation's model combines grant-making and pro-bono consulting with key strategic grantees.

The foundation is focused on nonprofits that address: Education Excellence for All (U.S. K-12); U.S. Resilient Families; Jewish Life; and Israel Understanding. The One8 Foundation will also provide direct support in its local community of Massachusetts to assist families in need and help them improve their own lives. The organizations that the One8 Foundation believes are most promising have game changing ideas, excellent leaders, measurable results, and sustainable approaches.

The One8 Foundation is committed to identifying and providing meaningful support to the select set of nonprofits that achieve results and have the greatest potential to create large scale, sustained change. The principles that guide its work include: 1) research, listen, and learn; 2) clearly assess potential for impact; 3) support outstanding leaders to build strong organizations; 4) go deep; 5) provide dogged support, strategic assistance, and on-going coaching to strategic grantees.

About the Position

The Portfolio Manager, Education Excellence will be responsible for spearheading select grantmaking efforts in the area of education excellence, specifically focused on replicating high quality school models and identifying and scaling organizations providing critical support to these schools. The foundation's education portfolio is centered on the belief that all children can succeed at high levels and that our country's aspiration should be to make an outstanding education attainable to all so that students are set up for success in the increasingly competitive, global labor market. Within the portfolio, we have a distinct focus on applied learning and the STEM fields, which emphasize the real-world context in which content and skills are used, as a mechanism for driving engagement, rigor, relevance, and ultimately student performance. The Portfolio Manager will also play a critical role in continuing to refine the Foundation's strategy and building the Foundation's public presence. S/he will report to the Director for Education.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Portfolio Management

  • Identify high prospect grantee organizations that align with the foundation's mission and strategy.
  • Manage all aspects of moving a potential grantee through the foundation's due diligence process, which may include:
    • Assessing the strength of an organization's leadership, strategic plan, if one exists, and developing a project plan outlining how the foundation may work with a potential grantee;
    • Leading or co-leading strategic planning sessions, which may focus on issues like theory of change, model codification, strategic priorities, etc.;
    • Performing all necessary analyses, which may include benchmarking, financial modeling, and competitive assessment;
    • Developing or refining a strategic, business, and/or implementation plan in partnership with the organization;
    • Determining, in conjunction with the Director, whether a grant should be pursued, and if so, how the grant should be structured, what the goals of the grant are, and how success should be measured;
    • Directing and supervising work of the Portfolio Analysts;
    • Drafting a paper that makes the case for a grant to the trustees;
    • Preparing the grantee to present in front of trustees;
    • Developing and finalizing the grant agreement.
  • Build strong relationships with key stakeholders and engage them as collaborators in potential grants.
  • Maintain close, positive relationships with grantees, demonstrating commitment to their success by problem solving, offering ongoing advice, and eliminating barriers to their success; foster strong working relationships, a high level of mutual trust, and effective channels of communication.
  • Track grantee progress through site visits, data collection, evaluation, and candid conversations; keep the Director and President apprised of grantee progress and seek assistance as needed to ensure grantee success.

Strategy and Foundation Support

  • Develop and maintain a breadth of knowledge about existing research, current trends and emerging issues in the foundation's areas of concentration.
  • Use research and robust data analysis to inform ongoing refinement of strategy for the Education Excellence portfolio, in collaboration with the team.
  • Develop, nurture, and access a wide and deep network of operators, leaders, academics and philanthropists in the nonprofit space that will help inform strategy and identify high caliber emerging organizations.
  • Represent the One8 Foundation at meetings, conferences, and other events.
  • Prepare communications and reports for trustees.
Candidate Requirements:

The Portfolio Manager, Education Excellence will identify great leaders and develop grants and partnerships that can affect systemic change and enable entrepreneurial organizations to grow and thrive. The hurdle to become a One8 Foundation grantee is high, and the Portfolio Manager must embody the foundation's high standard for excellence, rigor, passion, and commitment, while working alongside grantees and providing support and skills to ensure their success. Qualified candidates will possess:

  • Strategic and business planning leadership experience, ideally including experience at a top tier consulting firm.
  • Operating experience in a district, nonprofit, or other mission-driven organization.
  • Analytical orientation with the ability to structure investment hypotheses, conduct the associated research, assess programmatic, management, and financial information, and unearth relevant implications and opportunities.
  • Strong networking and relationship building skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate with senior organizational leaders, collaborate effectively, and interact with diverse organizations.
  • A strong belief that education is a primary means to dramatically improve the life outcomes of children and that all children can achieve at high levels independent of their circumstances.
  • Existing familiarity with the K-12 education landscape.
  • A love of learning and achievement and the desire and skill to help others succeed.
  • A strong willingness to act, break down barriers, and be part of the solution.
  • Self-motivation and the ability to work independently, take initiative, and solve problems.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail.
  • Bachelor's degree (required); MBA preferred.
Compensation and benefits:

Salary and benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

One8 Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds.