On Our Minds

2016 – Reflections on a Challenging Year

By Harry, Sarah, and Michelle

As 2016 comes to an end, we’ve been reflecting on what we’ve learned this year – and what we can do with what we’ve learned.

At the start of the year, we set out to meet the strategic priorities we laid out at the end of last year: getting better at what we’re known for (executive search), trying some new things (human capital consulting), all in service of impact, for both the sector and society as a whole.

As the year winds down, we find ourselves approaching 2017 in a new context, one that’s radically different from anything we envisioned at the start of the year. So now, at the end of this year rocked by change, we ask ourselves: What have we learned this year, and how does what we’ve learned affect our goals moving forward?

Here are some key lessons, and what we plan to do with them:

Social and environmental justice is more important than ever. We launched On-Ramps a decade ago with a commitment to changing how people think about  work.  Over the years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of organizations working to solve seemingly intractable problems.  In the past few months, as we’ve seen a potential erosion of key social and environmental protections, we’ve recommitted ourselves to impact – with a heightened sense of urgency and purpose.

Our community matters.  We’re part of a network of people and organizations that, day in and day out, try mightily to create positive change.  We’re so grateful for and inspired by the work that they do – and feel a deep sense of pride for being part of this community.  Heading into 2017, we plan, both personally and professionally, to support individuals and organizations “fighting the good fight.”  We’ll do everything we can to ensure a safe and fair society for all.

People always have been – and will continue to be – at the center of social change.  We began with the premise that human capital is the most important factor in every organization.  Having started with a focus on recruiting, we’ve expanded our services and now advise of all aspects of talent strategy.  Both at work and beyond, we will keep the following premise at our core: great things happen when exceptional organizations meet their match.

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