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Working with so many organizations across multiple issue areas gives us a unique view into what's happening in the social sector. This is where we share our insights and ruminations.
Are you a leader with a strong background in online adult learning and passionate about protecting the rights of marginalized communities? Public Rights Project is looking for their Director of Training and Digital Learning: https://www.on-ramps.com/jobs/2566
24 Jun 2022
The right to safe, legal abortion is under attack—but our client @AccessMatters4U is fighting back. Read about what they’re doing to help people stay in control of their reproductive health, and how you can join the fight: https://www.accessmatters.org/feeling-outraged-at-the-draft-scotus-opinion-heres-what-were-doing-what-you-can-do/ #prochoice #MyBodyMyChoice
24 Jun 2022
Are you searching for a new CEO? Our team shares what they’ve learned about avoiding pitfalls and finding the right candidates to fill this crucial role for social sector organizations. #CEO
23 Jun 2022