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Addressing Pay Equity: the New York City Council can – and should – do better than a gag rule

I wrote an article for Crain’s New York about the recent New York City Council‘s law banning all city employers from asking about salary history.

As someone committed to pay equity, with deep experience recruiting candidates to work at organizations fighting for social justice, I’m dismayed that this City Council chose to pass this law. This is the type of measure that sounds good at first, but does little to address the problem it aims to solve. In fact, this measure likely makes it harder, not easier, to address pay discrimination.

There are a number of proposals on the table, both domestically and abroad, that are better able to address the issue of pay discrimination.  I’d like to see lawmakers pursue those.

To learn more about these proposals, please read my piece and let me know what you think on our Facebook page.

– by Michelle Kedem

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