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About the Organization

Catchafire is a leading social impact startup with a mission to provide talented individuals with meaningful pro bono experiences that build capacity for social good organizations. Our powerful, two-sided online marketplace connects nonprofits and social enterprises to pro bono professionals through well-structured, compelling engagements. Matches are made based on skills and cause area which ensures that the volunteer and the organization are well-aligned and often creates the basis for long-lasting relationships.

Catchafire's work with social good organizations is growing rapidly through highly strategic partnerships with foundations who sponsor access to Catchafire. Catchafire provides foundations with advisory and programming services to onboard and educate grantee organizations about our unique technology-driven solution. We also work together to share our joint learnings with the broader philanthropic sector.

We are paving the way for a new type of business model, one that demonstrates that you can focus on a social mission and build a successful business at the same time. We are at the intersection of many disparate worlds (for-profit and nonprofit; purpose and business; talent development and corporate social responsibility), and we seek to break down the barriers between these silos to allow social good and community, talent and resources to flow more freely.

Catchafire's culture is a unique blend of social enterprise, tech startup, and classroom laboratory. We hire people who at their core are social entrepreneurs, and we believe that every individual who joins Catchafire has the power to be an incredible and large-scale changemaker.

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About the Position

The Senior Vice President, Accounts will lead Catchafire's greatest revenue driving team during a period of aggressive growth. Reporting to the COO, the SVP is responsible for growing the Customer Lifetime Value of Catchafire's foundation partnerships, including acting as the strategic relationship lead and innovating on the company's programming and servicing model to deliver high value to customers. In addition, the SVP will establish Catchafire as a thought leader in the philanthropic community and build the team and systems to set Catchafire up for long-term sustainable growth. The SVP will oversee a team of six to start, but we anticipate the team to grow.


Client Management & Innovation

  • Identify opportunities to grow the size of foundation accounts strategically and in alignment with client needs, navigating within each organization's context to build relationships that drive growing partnerships
  • Manage the client relationship through the entire lifecycle to build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with individuals at these organizations, including high-level stakeholders, executive sponsors, board trustees, program managers, and client administrators
  • Work closely with the Business Development and Finance Teams to develop proposals and design the program for key accounts
  • Contribute to and at times lead the optimization of current Catchafire services and the design of new, creative solutions that meet the client's strategic objectives in collaboration with Business Development, Product, Customer Success, and Marketing
  • Anticipate customer needs and identify opportunities to grow engagement on the Catchafire platform
  • Serve as the strategic project manager internally for all matters specific to accounts, which includes working closely with the Nonprofit Engagement, Marketing, Customer Success, Product, Finance/Legal and Business Development Teams
  • Educate and engage with clients regarding any changes and improvements to the product, technology, or program offering, translating the constant evolution of Catchafire's product and service into a natural value-add for the client's program and objectives
  • Liaise with the Business Development Team to seamlessly transition a new client to an enterprise account

Building Partnerships & Establishing Catchafire as a Thought Leader

  • Cultivate relationships with existing foundation clients so that they serve as advocates, ambassadors, and connectors for Catchafire
  • Conceive of and lead innovative and compelling convenings of foundation leaders (i.e., Summit, monthly dinners) to position Catchafire as a thought leader on capacity building and civic engagement
  • Develop a strong presence for Catchafire in leading philanthropic publications and key conferences as contributors and speakers, respectively

Accounts Team Leadership and Systems Building

  • Lead, mentor, and build an excellent team of Foundation Accounts VPs, Directors, Managers, and Associates
  • Work closely with the COO to design, coordinate, and manage Catchafire's Foundation Accounts Team; create solutions that meet account objectives; and lead the growth strategy for our Foundation solutions
  • Create knowledge sharing systems that help translate the Accounts teams' industry knowledge and keen understanding of clients' needs and challenges into the work of other Catchafire departments and teams
  • Work closely with the COO and Business Strategist to manage the economics of the Foundation Accounts Team and create systems to optimize how we service enterprise clients
  • Forecast and track key account metrics and develop best practices regarding account management to share with team and company leaders
Candidate Requirements:
  • Rainmaker: You have demonstrated the ability to create demand and sustain relationships for a visionary product or service. You are able to navigate complex pricing and structuring discussions and ensure that the proper balance of relationship and revenue is created and maintained.
  • Set and execute a vision: You can see the long-term vision for each program and account based on where Catchafire is headed, and you are able to identify the steps and plan the path to get there. You are often regarded as a thought leader. You are often the person that sees opportunities before anyone else, and you bring your team and client along with you because you can visualize the way forward.
  • Intentional leader: Over the years you have developed an effective and intentional leadership style that is true to your own personality. You are a leader who believes that you are both a teacher and a student. Some may call you a "servant leader," but you know there is much more to it than that. You manage to people's strengths, and your goal is to help them become the best they can be. You teach people how to "own" their work, and you do not need to micro-manage because you are sponsoring A players. You only build A teams, and you know what an A team is because you have learned the hard way in building and managing B teams.
  • Effective communicator and relationship builder: You lead through listening, dialogue, and debate. You begin by asking rather than telling the client. You make the client feel heard, and in so doing, you gather information to help address the client's need more effectively. You create a sense of mutual accountability, build team spirit, and follow up effectively to ensure momentum and create trust with your team through consistent behaviors.
  • Synthesize the big picture: You take in many inputs to form an understanding of "what's really happening," and you know how to get above that complexity and simplify it for others. You are able to bring together numbers, stories, and plans to give others a clear and vivid picture of what's happening, what matters, and what choices are on the table to take action.
  • Creatively solve problems working backwards from the objective: You arrive quickly at an understanding of the client's objectives and the root causes behind an issue, including any issues that might be in tension with one another. You solve the problem in a resourceful, analytical way that is in service to Catchafire but also meets the client's own business objectives. You can drive this kind of problem solving in real time, working with clients or others to help them see the implications of their objectives for what needs to be done.
  • Structured delegator and project manager: You are highly skilled at managing cross-functional projects to fulfill client objectives. You give clear, well-defined assignments, and you effectively manage people to own significant responsibilities and hold them accountable. An effective leader in this role can engage their team without falling into destructive micro-management, going deep while still conveying respect for team members and commitment to team members making and owning decisions.
Compensation and benefits:

Salary and benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

Catchafire is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds.