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About the Organization

DataKind works to use data science and AI in the service of humanity. They bring together pro bono data scientists with high impact social organizations in collaborative teams to create more positive change in the world. Since their founding in 2011, DataKind has led over 250 projects, across five international chapters, and galvanized a global network of 20K data science volunteers. Their efforts include helping organizations apply machine learning to their mission, identifying novel ways data can increase their efficiency, and enhancing the overall data science literacy of the social sector.

Based on the positive impact of their work to date, DataKind recently secured a general operating grant totaling ~$20M over five years from The Rockefeller Foundation and the Mastercard Impact Fund - administered by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. This funding partnership reflects a shared commitment to leveraging data science and predictive technologies in the service of humanity. While DataKind remains its own separate organization apart from Rockefeller and Mastercard, both funding entities are incredibly committed to helping DataKind realize its vision and are actively championing DataKind through Board support and access to extended partnership opportunities in key arenas such as global health, rural power, agriculture, and more.

With knowledge gained from the past eight years of work and increased funding in hand, DataKind now finds itself on the precipice of a significant strategic shift in which they will leverage the learnings from their project work towards driving forward key impact practices areas and developing a more robust overall ecosystem. This shift marks an incredible opportunity to significantly increase DataKind's impact and move even closer towards a vision of a world where everyone tackling the world's toughest humanitarian problems can use data science and AI ethically and capably. Click here to learn more about DataKind's new strategic direction.

About the Position

In order to maximize the potential on the horizon, DataKind's Founder will be pivoting his focus to broader ecosystem development. To support this shift, DataKind is excited to announce the creation of a new President position that will lead DataKind's organizational and programmatic strategy as it embarks upon this next chapter of growth and evolution. The President will initially report to the Founder/CEO and eventually transition to report directly to the Board of Directors. Once fully on board, the President will serve as DataKind's senior-most leader and hold final accountability for delivering on DataKind's key strategic and programmatic priorities. This key leader will work closely with the Founder (focused on external messaging, ecosystem building, and fundraising), the COO (focused on internal infrastructure e.g., finance, legal, HR, technology, risk management, and core operations), and the Board to establish and lead a strong, cohesive organization while also working externally to build partnerships and raise the funds needed to ensure long-term sustainability. This is an ideal opportunity for an experienced executive leader with deep knowledge and passion for the data-for-good movement.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Organizational Strategy & Executive Leadership

  • Engage with the Board on strategic planning and serve as their point of contact on organizational strategy and health
  • Lead the refinement of the organization's longer-arc strategic plan
  • Hold final accountability for DataKind's progress against strategy and reporting on all organizational KPIs
  • Directly manage DataKind's senior leadership team comprised of the COO, Director of Global Community and Network, and Director of Product, ensuring effective leadership for DataKind's staff and 20K-person volunteer base
  • Support the COO to drive best-in-class talent practices for staff and volunteers that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion across all dimensions (e.g., recruitment/hiring, coaching/development, compensation, and retention)
  • In partnership with the COO, ensure DataKind is run effectively/efficiently and proactively manage the financial health of the organization
  • Serve as a model of DataKind's values and actively work to ensure the vision and values are alive and present in all areas of the organization/work

Programmatic Strategy and Execution

  • Drive and oversee the execution of DataKind's impact agenda across the impact practices, volunteer community, partner organizations (nonprofits/corporations/foundations), and global chapter network
  • Drawing on the CEO and other experts, ensure programmatic design/process practices reflect a high degree of quality, consistency, and deep alignment with DataKind's values
  • Organize and manage the Volunteer Community, Chapter Network, Product, Communications, and Partnerships teams against the work of the impact practices, ensuring that each team has the right goals in focus and the ability to navigate the natural tension between the data scientist-centric and social sector-centric sides of the program team
  • In partnership with the Board and CEO, sense and identify the issue areas that will form the next impact practices where DataKind can make the most impact
  • Develop new programs to drive mission impact
  • In partnership with the CEO, identify, cultivate, and manage critical relationships and partnerships required for impact practice success

Business Development and Partnership

  • Lead fundraising for the organization, translating business development opportunities into reality, equipping DataKind with the financial resources to achieve its mission and make targeted investments
  • Design and implement a sustainable business model that leverages impact practice results and methodologies to diversify revenue and reduce dependence on institutional support over the long-term
  • In consultation with the Board, put in place the principles and policies that determine "rules of engagement" with different partner types (foundations, corporations, government, nonprofits, etc.)
Candidate Requirements:

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications:

  • Experience working in the data science field
  • Understanding of how data science is effectively integrated into the way large organizations do their work and the ability to engage in data science discussions with a high degree of literacy
  • An experienced executive, with a track record of developing and managing leaders
  • Strong strategic thinking skills with the ability to set bold vision and direction in the face of complexity and ambiguity
  • Experience building partnerships with large organizations/institutions
  • Track record of success and history of strong relationships in the social sector
  • Understanding of how to create broad-scale, issues-level change (e.g., community health, inclusive growth) and ideally experienced at driving collective impact
  • Experience working in a client-facing environment (e.g., consulting or agency background) a plus
  • Understanding of international development preferred, but not required
  • Deep commitment to DataKind's mission, ethos, and values an absolute must
Compensation and benefits:

Salary and benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience and begin in the $200K range.