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Working with so many organizations across multiple issue areas gives us a unique view into what’s happening in the social sector. This is where we share our insights and ruminations.

The Compensation Conversation – Updated

Since we last wrote about “The Compensation Conversation”, many states and cities have passed laws explicitly prohibiting prospective employers and search firms from asking about current compensation. These policies are intended to stop pay discrimination (the practice of unfairly paying some employees, typically women and people of color, less than others) based on compensation history. […]

posted November 16, 2018

Earth Day with Perfect Earth Project: Greening the Urban Jungle

This past weekend, people around the world celebrated our planet on April 22nd. Our partners at Perfect Earth Project treat every day like Earth Day. Their PRFCT Principles help landowners and landscapers around the country keep their lawns and green spaces beautiful without the use of harmful chemicals. For those of us living in the […]

posted April 24, 2017

Addressing Pay Equity: the New York City Council can – and should – do better than a gag rule

I wrote an article for Crain’s New York about the recent New York City Council‘s law banning all city employers from asking about salary history. As someone committed to pay equity, with deep experience recruiting candidates to work at organizations fighting for social justice, I’m dismayed that this City Council chose to pass this law. This […]

posted April 24, 2017

Want Us to Help You Help Others?

With a firm commitment to impact, we believe that it’s our responsibility to drive positive change, not only through our work, but also through engagement in regular volunteer service opportunities. Over the years, we’ve developed a vibrant internal group – we call it our Service Council. Its purpose is to identify and design ways for […]

posted February 08, 2017

The Compensation Conversation

Every January, we get the calls: New Year = New Job. People reach out, friends make introductions, and appointments are scheduled. Job seekers arrive well-prepared, able to talk about their successes and their goals. And then, the dreaded topic: compensation. We always ask the question the same way “Where are you currently and what are […]

posted February 02, 2017

Is it Time to Hire a COO?

By Harry Weiner As 2016 comes to a close, it’s a natural time for organizations to reflect on the progress made within the last year and to set goals for the year ahead. At On-Ramps, we’re proud of our accomplishments over the last 12 months, particularly the addition of human capital consulting (https://www.on-ramps.com/consulting/) to our […]

posted December 06, 2016

Thinking about Next September?

If you run a school (or multiple schools), you should be Near the end of every April, we get a series of calls from school, CMO, or district leaders all with same problem: a leader-less school and no solution in sight.  When these calls come in, we do our best to be helpful, but the situation […]

posted November 22, 2016

On-Ramps Adds Consulting to Recruiting Services

It’s official!  We just announced that in addition to talent recruitment, we now offer human capital consulting to mission-driven organizations committed to social change.  Our services include: Organization and role design Core values Development of recruitment and strategy goals Onboarding Performance management Compensation strategy Over the last few years, our clients have been asking us […]

posted November 02, 2016

On-Ramps at Edible Schoolyard

The On-Ramps team visited Edible Schoolyard NYC’s Brooklyn site and spent the day preparing for their Fall Festival. Edible Schoolyard’s programs change the preference, attitude and eating behaviors of young New Yorkers in favor of healthier foods. The Brooklyn site boasts a fully functioning half-acre garden, chickens, greenhouse and kitchen serving the greater community. Students prepare […]

posted November 01, 2016

From Intention to Impact: A Webinar on Making Meaningful Progress on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Recording Now Available

Thank you again to our panelists Ben Hecht (Living Cities, CEO & President), Elisa Villanueva Beard (Teach for America, CEO) and Nick Turner (Vera Institute of Justice, President & Director) for such an engaging and productive conversation. An audio recording of this webinar is now available for listening. Want to keep the conversation going? Feel free […]

posted October 20, 2016

It’s Time That For-Profits Start Learning from Nonprofits: Here’s How

I am thrilled to share my new piece for Fast Company Co.Exist, "It's Time That For-Profits Start Learning from Nonprofits: Here's How." Over the last twenty years working with both kinds of organizations and companies, I have realized that nonprofits have quite a lot to teach their for-profit counterparts. Please check out the piece and let us know what you think!

posted September 29, 2016

From Intention to Impact: A Webinar on Making Meaningful Progress on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

posted September 19, 2016

On-Ramps Quoted on How to Manage Managers

Amy Gallo at the Harvard Business Review recently published a great piece on a topic near and dear to my heart: How to Manage Managers. For many of us, there’s a turning point along our career paths where we realize success is no longer about our own performance; it’s about the performance of our team […]

posted September 13, 2016

Reconsidering the Annual Review

Lately, formal performance reviews have come under attack, referred to as a “perpetually weird ritual” by CNNMoney, for example. It seems that companies are abandoning them in favor of less formal, real-time feedback to employees. We just finished our mid-year review cycle and, based on how productive an experience it was, I offer this in […]

posted September 09, 2016

Creating Safe Spaces in the Workplace to Open Up About Diversity

I am pleased to announce that I recently wrote an article for Co.Exist about the discussion of complex, potentially difficult topics in the workplace. The website, part of the Fast Company family, provides “a daily tour of the latest world-changing ideas and innovations in transportation, energy, education, food, and health.” As you know, diversity, equity and inclusion are fundamentally important to […]

posted August 09, 2016

The High ROI of Human Capital

May 23, 2016 By Harry B. Weiner CHICAGO, Illinois I had the honor of taking part in A Better Chicago’s inaugural Education Summit this past week. The vibrant event convened business, civic and academic leaders to explore how philanthropy can accelerate change and deliver a world-class education to every Chicagoan. I participated on a panel […]

posted May 23, 2016

Hiring Talent with Diverse Thinking Styles

When trying to create a diverse team, gender and racial-ethnic diversity are easier to spot straight away and come to mind quickly. But what about diversity of thinking style?

posted June 18, 2015

Re-considering the Failure Question

I am often surprised at how frequently impressive candidates, in the context of otherwise strong interviews, falter when I ask them to tell me about a time they failed. I started asking the question to get beyond rehearsed stories of success and to uncover...

posted April 21, 2015

Before you accept that job offer, consider this…

Job title, scope of responsibility, passion for the organization, compensation – these are all fine factors to consider when weighing a potential job opportunity. And of course you know that you should “like” your new boss, but is having a fantastic manager that important? Many candidates underestimate the importance of vetting their future managers before […]

posted March 19, 2015

Empowering Teachers and Cultivating Talent

On-Ramps was thrilled to be a part of Schools That Can NYC’s panel on empowering teachers and cultivating talent. Sonja Weaver-Madsen joined principals and talent professionals from across the city at the Stevenson School to discuss...

posted February 13, 2015

The Second Round: What to Share and How to Share It

In advance of second round interviews, we are frequently asked some variation of the following two questions:

”Should I share my feedback from first round interviews with my colleagues before they meet candidates? Shouldn’t I allow them to form their own opinions?”

To these questions, we respond...

posted February 09, 2015

"Anyone who interviews has a favorite question. It's the question that they think provides a meaningful snapshot of a candidate and his/her fit for the role."

What’s *my* favorite question? I like to ask...

posted January 12, 2015

The On-Ramps Service Council: Shopping for a Good Cause

Committed to having a positive impact in the communities where we work and live, the On-Ramps Service Council organizes pro bono opportunities and volunteer engagements for the firm. On December 13th, five members of the On-Ramps team joined Catholic Charities for their annual St. Nicholas Project shopping day at a Kmart in Manhattan. Having volunteered […]

posted January 07, 2015

The worst question to ask during an interview (and how to answer it)

There is a moment near the end of every interview when the interviewer asks if the candidate has any questions he or she would like to ask.  In the past month or two, I have witnessed a notable uptick in the following exchange: Interviewer: Do you have any questions for me? Candidate: How do I […]

posted December 03, 2014

The On-Ramps Service Council: A Day with Edible Schoolyard NYC

      Committed to having a positive impact in the communities where we work and live, the On-Ramps Service Council organizes pro bono opportunities and volunteer engagements for the firm. On October 31, seven On-Rampers stepped away from their desks to enjoy a lovely day gardening at P.S. 216 in Gravesend, Brooklyn. Welcomed by the delicious smell of borscht cooking […]

posted November 04, 2014

Cocktails and Conversation: Maximizing the annual review process

posted October 21, 2014

Unpacking culture fit

posted October 18, 2014

Thought Exercises: You should do them…the right way.

Hiring is difficult. Candidates, the strong ones, at least, are choosy. There’s a mountain of data showing that interviews are unreliable. We have found that one of the most useful parts of the hiring process – one that addresses these challenges – is what we call the “thought exercise.” The thought exercise is pre-work, (or, […]

posted October 01, 2014

An evening with Net Impact

On-Ramps spent a lively and engaging evening with the New York Chapter of Net Impact as part of its “Consulting with Impact” series. On-Ramps team members met with young professionals interested in mission-driven work and doled out resume tips, career advice, and helpful resources. We also loved listening to the panel of experts, which included professionals […]

posted June 24, 2014

Transition talk: explaining career moves

posted June 20, 2014

Cocktails and Conversation: Recruiting successfully in the social sector

posted May 16, 2014