On Our Minds

Working with so many organizations across multiple issue areas gives us a unique view into what's happening in the social sector. This is where we share our insights and ruminations.
Michelle Kedem, Isabella Cassell and Yahira Cruz tell us how they felt after our first in-person meetup since the pandemic started. Joyful, energized and motivated just about sums it up. #returntowork
21 Jul 2021
Because of institutionalized racism inherent in the legal system, one in three Americans are burdened with a record. Learn how the stigma of a conviction devastates job prospects for individuals trying to get back on their feet.
20 Jul 2021
On-Rampers show off their work-from-home sidekicks during a staff meeting in celebration of Bring Your Pet to Work Week. We focus on maintaining our strong #companyculture even when apart, & you just can’t argue with the results. Look at these smiling faces!
19 Jul 2021